The Silk Road Express: Uzbekistan via Private Train

The Silk Road Express: Uzbekistan via Private Train

The Silk Road was a vitally important route connecting the eastern world of Asia to the western world of Europe. In regular use for around 1600 years, this network of roads crossing the interior of Asia facilitated the exchange of goods and knowledge between distant and diverse cultures and was traveled by merchants, scholars, and some of the greatest military generals in history. In our modern age of technology and information exchange, the Silk Road is of course no longer the vitally important connection it once was. But what remains along the route now are many of the world’s most interesting and valuable historical sites, rich with cultural and religious significance.

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Some of the most exciting and historically significant of these sites are located in the modern day country of Uzbekistan, and it is into the heart of this land that the Orient Silk Road Express takes you. Imagine viewing breathtaking natural scenery, historical landmarks, and modern day progress all in one trip. And what better way to do it than from the luxury of a private train! You will explore temples, gardens, mosques, oases, mausoleums, and city centers, and will visit these unique UNESCO World Heritage sites:

Itchan Kala- An outstanding example of Muslim presence in Central Asia, this ancient oasis town was a resting place for caravans before they headed into the desert. It is is protected by walls up to 10 meters high and has palaces and a historical mosque.

Center of Bukhara- Entering this city center is like stepping back in tie. It is the most complete and intact medieval-era central Asian town of its kind, and is home to several major monuments.

Samarkand- Known as the “Crossroad of Cultures”, Samarkand’s origins date back over 2,700 years to the 7th century BCE. You will want to visit the numerous mosques and the Ulugh-Beg Observatory here.

Center of Shakhrisyabz- This city center features exceptionally well preserved monuments and living quarters that speak volumes of history and tell endless tales.

Your private train affords you the comfort and safety of luxury travel. Meals are arranged and served throughout the trip and include tasting some of the world’s finest vodka and wine if so inclined. English speaking tour guides are available at all destinations and aboard the Orient Silk Road Express. With a physician on board and hotel accommodations already arranged, you can focus on relaxation, sightseeing, and experiencing history up close and at its finest.

Are you packed and ready to go? Click here for the details: Orient Silk Road Express

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