Vietnam is the easternmost country on the Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia.  Its eastern border comprises over 1,200 miles of coastline.   Vietnam re-established relations with the rest of the world’s nations in 2000 and now is a premier destination for travelers from across the globe.

French influence from the region’s time as French Indochina can be seen in the cities’ charming and elegant period architecture and parks.  Lively, bustling towns and villages attest to the dynamic spirit of the Vietnamese.

Whether selecting a Hidden World Private Trip or a group visit, Vietnam is a delightful destination for families, seniors and the single traveler alike.  Courteous service, hospitality, fine dining and elegant but affordable accommodation are hallmarks of the country, as are the pride the Vietnamese people feel for their county’s culture and natural beauty.


VIETNAM Browse these sample journeys.  Yours will be custom built for your schedule, interests and budget.

Cultural Trip

Southeast Asia Trip - Vietnam children

From $1,890

The Northern Mountains

Leave the cities behind and embrace the natural beauty and daily life of northern Vietnam.

Culinary Trip

עולם נסתר-הרפתקה קולינרית בווייטנאם

From $3,068

Sights and Tastes of Vietnam

Sample the sights and local flavors of Vietnamese cities and villages.

Active Trip

Southeast Asia Trip - Vietnam Woman

From $2,380

Vietnam in Focus

This delightfully active journey spans the country from Sapa in the north to the magnificent Mekong in the south. Perfect for those who want a broad experience of Vietnamese culture and natural beauty but have limited time. Opportunities to walk, bike, trek and kayak for the adventurous traveler.

Cultural Trip

טיול בוייטנאם - עולם נסתר

From $2,395

Classical Vietnam and Cambodia

A classical trip that encompasses the highlights of Vietnam and the Angkor temples of Cambodia.

Private Trip

Southeast Asia Trip Vietnam 006

From $2,762

Vietnam in Depth

Great opportunity to experience Vietnam in depth by vehicle, train and foot, including iconic sites and cultural highlights.

Private Trip


From $6,176

Vietnam, Cambodia and Mekong River Cruise

Explore the highlights of Vietnam with a close up look at village life along the powerful Mekong River.

Cultural Trip

Southeast Asia Trip - Moto

From $2,832

Vietnam Inspiration

Trek to remote villages, teach English in a local school, and indulge in the wonder of Vietnam's history and culture.


Five Countries Trip

Southeast Asia Trip

From $7,988

Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand & Myanmar

Immerse yourself in these remarkable cultures and breathtaking countrysides.

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