Anyone who wants to experience what it was like living in the Southeast Asia of bygone eras can do so in Laos.   Small, isolated villages of wood and straw houses hang on the edge of cliffs, offering breathtaking views.   Villagers in colorful traditional tribal costume walk the dusty dirt roads from their homes to their fields. Orange robed monks raise their rice bowls at dawn for alms.  Melodious prayers echo from amid the golden shadows of the temples.  One can imagine that time has stopped still.

While offering this peek into the past, Laos  also has a vivid and memorable present.  For the outdoor adventurer, dense forests  cover more than half the country, mountain chains  surround the north and fertile plains line the Mekong Delta.  The  capital city, Vientiane,  is filled with the sounds and images of Buddhist monasteries yet bustles with modern day commerce while the ancient capital of Luang Prabang – a UNESCO national heritage site –  remains today a spiritual and cultural center.


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