Moscow to Beijing Trip by Train

For anyone with a passion for seeing the world and a strong desire to break out of the mold and venture safely to regions less traveled, a Trans-Siberian trip features high on the bucket list. And what better way to make this incredible journey than by private train!

Moscow to Beijing Trip by Train


Our trip, crossing the inner expanse of Asia from Moscow to Beijing, appeals to both the intrepid and the first time traveler. We travel aboard a private, chartered train and are accompanied by multi-lingual tour guides who share information along the way and provide insights and background on our well planned excursions into towns and historic sites. Meals crafted by our chefs highlight the best of Russian cuisine, traditional and modern, and are served in elegant dining cars.

The journey starts in Moscow, where we spend our first two days taking in the iconic sights of this “City of Lights,” among them Red Square, the Kremlin and the magnificent St. Basil’s Cathedral. We look in on the city’s beautiful metro stations, window shop, and experience the hustle and bustle of this world capital before we board our chartered train, meet our guides and fellow travelers, and start the journey southeast.

The next 13 days will expose you to different times and places, a different paces and outlooks, and a depth of history and experience rarely found. Our private train affords us the luxury of observing in comfort and safety the lush mountains, open steppes, powerful rivers and deserts along this 3,800 mile journey. It takes us to the heart of civilization here as we disembark our train to visit the key towns and cities along this route and learn a bit about them all: the turbulent relationships of Cossacks, Tartars and Russians in Kazan; the murder of Tsar Nicholas II and his family in Yekaterinburg; life in a Siberian village; the wooden houses of Irkutsk; traditional yurts and throat singing in Mongolia (you can even stay overnight in a yurt if you like!); the hustle and bustle of Beijing; and the awe inspiring Great Wall of China. And there are just a few of the stops along this incredible journey.

Spoiler alert: we need to change trains at the Chinese border, as the track gauge there is different, and so the last 16 hours until we reach Beijing are on a Chinese train without the luxury accommodation of our chartered, private train. We say good-bye to the train there and use our hotel accommodation as our base for touring this exotic city.

Are you packed and ready to go? Click here for the details: Moscow To Beijing Train

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