Greenland/ North pole

At the northernmost part of the globe, the Arctic comprises the Arctic Ocean and far northern reaches of the Alaska, Russia, Finland, Canada, Greenland, Norway, Iceland and Sweden. In this vast landscape of ice cover and tundra, unique flora and fauna abound, and indigenous people pursue their time honored traditions and culture. Breathtakingly beautiful icebergs and fjords, stunning mountain views, and sightings of polar bears, narwhals and musk oxen create unforgettable travel memories.


The Arctic


Arctic Expeditions polar bear

From $6,340

Jewels of the Arctic - Greenland, Spitsbergen & Iceland

Expert naturalists and guest lecturers entertain us with fascinating talks on the plants wildlife we encounter as we explore glaciers and fjords and cross the Greenland Sea.


Antarctic Expeditions penguins

From $8,310

Weddell Sea Explorer

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