Bushman Tribe of Datoga and Hadzabe in Tanzania

Bushman Tribes of Datoga and Hadzabe

Along the edge of the Serengeti by Lake Eyasi live several native tribes, each dating back thousands of years ago and each hailing themselves as the oldest tribe to exist in Tanzania. These tribes still survive today as they have for centuries, sustained by the land and the environment in an extraordinary existence so diverse from modern life.

Bushman Tribe of Datoga and Hadzabe


The Datoga tribe, known as stealth warriors for their ability to both evade and eliminate their enemy, are believed to have migrated to Tanzania around 3,000 years ago from the Highlands of Ethiopia. Noted for their exquisite metal work, the Datoga are one of the few tribes with whom the Hadzabe tribe trade. In exchange for their iron tip knives and spears, the Datoga receive fruit and honey from the hunter/gatherer Hadzabe.

The Hadzabe, determined to live the way they always have despite progress and modernization in the outside world, exist in a contained environment where they can maintain their 1,000 year old traditions. One of the last Nomadic tribes of Africa, the Hadzabe move camp every two to six weeks in order to follow the herd of animals which they hunt and use for food, clothing and warmth. Everything within their camps is self-contained, and they do not grow any food,  raise any livestock, or buy any supplies. They take solely what they need in the moment, generally going out once in the morning and again in the evening to hunt, to forage for berries, roots and other vegetation, and to empty hives of their honeycomb. When the herd moves on, so do they.

Aside from the occasional tourists who are lucky enough to come across their camps, these tribes live completely cut off from any kind of contemporary civilization. They take pride in their traditions and culture, and it is their intention to live the next thousand years  exactly as they did last.


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