Hidden World is a boutique planner of customized private tours to exotic destinations around the world.  Whether you are interested in traveling alone or are arranging a large travel party of friends or family, we can make your dream trip a reality. Our clients are not restricted to group tours and travel dates:  your trip is built around your own preferred travel dates, to the locations you want to see, for the number of days you want to spend, and at the accommodation level that best suits your comfort.

I founded this company purely and simply because I love to travel and want to share my way of seeing, experiencing and doing with other travelers —  the custom guided, bespoke journey.  I know first hand the excitement – and complications – of international air travel, immersion in new cultures, climates, foods, and geographical challenges.  So our first priority is to craft the trip that you want based on your stated interests, personal preferences, budget and schedule.  Our second goal is to ensure that your journey exceeds your expectations on every level, from the quality of your accommodations to the helpfulness of your guides to the seamless flow of your transfers and excursions to the memories that you bring home.

Hidden World’s people are the foundation of your incredible travel experience.   Your trip is carefully planned by you and your Hidden World travel advisor, who can offer first hand insights and suggestions to accomplish your travel goals.  But our work doesn’t stop there.  The success of your journey is founded on our intimate knowledge of the countries and locales we specialize in and of the tour managers we collaborate with in each destination.  Our local managers personally know every guide, driver, vehicle, hotel and site that you will visit during your trip, and they are dedicated to providing you the personal attention essential for an unsurpassed experience.  They are there for the sole purpose of making your trip meaningful, convenient, comfortable, safe and, yes, fun!   And don’t be surprised to get a call from me, whether you’re on safari or on the Mekong or the Great Wall or the Ganges – just checking in to make sure everything is going well!!

I understand that everyone has their preferred mode of travel.  Many travelers prefer the camaraderie of traveling in larger groups, and we can arrange for your participation in organized group tours in that event. Expeditions, rail journeys and cruises, reliant as they may be on specialized ships, trains and seasonal limitations, are by their very nature group endeavors. And don’t worry that age, physical limitation or disability limit your travel opportunities – we have creative solutions to enable everyone to fulfill their travel dreams.

Give me a call today, or drop us an email – we will help you explore the world your way!


Gil Mendelson

Founder and Ceo